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Real Estate Investing, It Isn’t Just For The Boys Anymore

Real Estate Investing With Cash? Why You Should Reconsider

Real Estate Investing, It Isn't Just For The Boys Anymore real-estate-investors

It reminded me of flying down Space Mountain in Disneyland. However, after the bottom comes the inevitable shift in the market, when it begins trending back up as we are visit website seeing now. This is truly a magical time for investors. Second, I think we are heading into the years of more empowerment of women. I could be criticized for saying this, but I think it’s less about women’s liberation, as that was yesterday’s news.
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Be a Real Estate Millionaire: How to Build Wealth for a Lifetime in an Uncertain Economy

Youve probably heard the acronym OPM, which stands for Other Peoples Money. Thats not a joke. Putting your own capital at risk, especially if you dont have more than you need, is not generally wise if you have another option. Time value of money The second reason you never want to tie up your own money in an investment if you have other options has to do with a term called time value of money. You see, money isnt really worth what you think its worth for very long.
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